Change Your Behavior First

Aristotle knew a thing or two about the philosophy of “fake it ‘til you make it.” In his day, though, he didn’t call it that. Instead, he explained that we become virtuous by first putting virtues into action, we become disciplined by first exercising good self-control, and we become courageous by first performing acts of courage. In other words, change your behavior first, and then your sense of identity and your personal story will follow.

Also known as “acting as-if” and the “do good, be good approach,” this technique has lots of scientific support. Watch this clip put together by psychologist Richard Wiseman and his friends at Cognitive Media:


What behavior do you need to change so that your sense of identity will align with your goals?


2 thoughts on “Change Your Behavior First

  1. Ha ha–are you allowed to bring a hard-back chair to the car dealership with you when you are ready for negotiations?

  2. I like that video. I might look out for all the different ways I could be getting tricked into doing things not in my best interest.

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