In my experience, both in living with chronic disease and coaching others who live with disease, most people are desperate to know what they can do to live with illness as effectively as possible. This book offers valuable insights and exercises that promote a person’s ability to enact change that will improve their situation. Motivation is key to change as are the tools to put it into action. This is a useful tool for anyone living with any type of health problem.

-Rosalind Joffe, Chronic Illness Coach and Author of Women, Work, and Autoimmune Disease

Dr. Beckman has written a fantastic step by step guide to help anyone trying to go from simply having knowledge about diabetes to making the changes necessary to improve health. This book discusses current research in a user friendly format that is accessible to anyone looking to make and maintain behavior change. Dr. Beckman provides readers with strategies to address some of the common pitfalls that occur when trying to make long term changes such as managing disappointing blood sugar numbers and dealing with negative emotions that can sabotage long term changes. Although this book is targeted toward those with diabetes, it could easily be adapted to anyone looking to make a variety of lifestyle changes.

-Dr. Kelli Harford, Pediatric Health Psychologist

In my opinion this should be titled the Diabetes Workbook, as Dr. Beckman has given the reader step by step worksheets to facilitate change that can actually be used by anyone contemplating change for any reason….

There are tons of suggestions on how to start with “little changes” that make a big difference in managing diabetes. [For example,] how to strengthen your own self-control muscle, how to better understand the emotional rollercoaster you might be on, and best of all, how to be your own best friend when it comes to making healthy choices for yourself.

-Judy L. Young, Laughter Therapy Instructor, Fresh Food Coach

Don’t be fooled by how easy this book is to read – The Diabetes Motivation Book is packed with powerful strategies to make positive behavior change. Dr. Beckman has a wonderful ability to translate state of the art science into practical, personal lessons that offer hope and direction.

The Diabetes Motivation Book is thoughtfully organized into bite-sized chapters, any one of which could make a difference in the life of someone trying to get unstuck. Dr. Beckman tackles the tough issues surrounding lifestyle change while keeping an optimistic and positive approach. Most importantly, Heidi understands the perspective of  the diabetic, and I suspect this book will connect with anyone seeking to make positive changes in chronic health conditions.

I am currently helping a large multi-specialty medical system develop behavioral change resources for their patient centered medical home initiative. I have recommended this book as a resource for their chronic disease management program.

-Nate Regier, Ph.D., Founder, Next Element Consulting, LLC

Dr. Beckman’s book fills the much needed gap between information about diabetes care and how to act on that information. Her book offers an easy to follow step-by-step guide, based on the latest research, to help people identify their goals and increase their motivation to work toward those goals. The book also provides scientifically sound ways to handle challenges that happen in the day-to-day management of diabetes. As a clinical psychologist who has worked with many patients with chronic illnesses, I’ve found this book clear, informative, and inspiring. I strongly recommend this book to people with diabetes as well as people with other chronic health problems who are looking to find ways to optimize their health.

 -Erri Hewitt, Ph.D., Licensed Clinical Psychologist